The impact of technology in our lives

Technology has been argued about over the last thirty years. Has technology really improved our lives or is it destroying our lives. Technology has gone from paper to digital, you can find information about what has happened today on the internet rather than traveling to your local newsstand, store, restaurant. Technology has actually improved our lives in ways that we can communicate with people faster. We can contact people through email, phone, text, social networking, etc.

Laptops, computers, smartphones, and other devices have made life simpler to do research and keep up with whats going on in the world. Instead of going to the library and searching for books for your research paper, you can get on your laptop or computer and look up information quickly. Paperback books have almost become obsolete because people rather have a digital book. that can save the spot that they were reading and don’t need worry about taking care of the book. The kindle has basically replaced the books because of its small and versatile design. People have taken advantage of technology have become lazy and feel that technology is necessary in their lives.

I have come to know people who cant live one day without their cellphone or social network or music. These people basically have no lives because they spend most of their time on their computers or phones. They have no idea whats going on around them unless it has something with Facebook ,twitter, instagram,etc. Technology has corrupted our young minds of today with video games videos. A small percentage of people today still use books and chat with people on occasions face to face and watch the news.

Technology has impacted everyone’s life from business, to media, to music to art and has destroyed lives through social networking and more.


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