how to internet

If you found your way to this blog then congratulations,  you have found one of many uses for the internet. There are nine more internet resources for you to use.

1. Blogging- Used for personal journals, or topics on different subjects.

2. Research- Rule number one, DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA FOR RESEARCH, people can change Wikipedia, its better to use historical websites or websites that have the information that you need for your research.

3. Shopping online- If your lazy and don’t feel like leaving the house to buy the new NBA 2k14 game, you can go online and buy what you want and it gets delivered to your house in a week or so. There are many website to purchase merchandise from, the most popular websites are Ebay and Amazon.

4. Listen to music or download music- There are way to listen to music and download music. To listen to music, you can simply got to either Pandora or YouTube. You can download music but if you have to buy it, I have ways of downloading free music but i can’t say or I might get in trouble.

5. Games- Games are a great way to have some fun, there are dozens of games site too many for me to list cause each website could have a game that you would like. Different games include mmo games (massive-multiplayer online), rpg games (role playing games), sports games, etc…

6.  Social media- Social media keeps you connected to the outside world or keeps you connected to your friends. Popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

7. School- You can either spend all day sitting in a classroom and listen to teacher lecture or you can sit in pajamas, eating a sandwich while on your couch in your living at home doing online schooling. Online school is good and bad depending on how you look at it, the bad thing about online school is that you sometimes don’t have a teacher that you can speak to face to face about a problem that you have with your work.

8. News & Weather- You can keep up on whats going on in the world through the news and get real-time weather. There are many sites for news like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc.. There are a couple of websites that you can go to for weather but the one that I recommend is AccuWeather.

9.  Movie- You can now watch movies online with out going to a movie theater. Isn’t that incredible the most popular website that people use for movies is Netflix because you can watch any movie that you want for only $8 a month.

10. Videos- You can watch any video that you wish from Politics to music videos, funny videos to idiotic video, From people pulling pranks on each other to dumb friends punching each other in the groin. The number 1 online video search engine in the world is YouTube.


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