Recipe for disaster

  • One pre-teen  game freak
  • One high- speed Wi-Fi connection
  • One  3D HD TV 72’
  • One PlayStation 4 with HDMI cable
  • Hi-def Surround Sound
  • Monster energy Drinks
  • Pizza on speed dial and junk food
  • Gaming Headset
  • Parents  working late
  • Battle field 4
  • Test on Wednesday


Prepare the night before:

Set up your Samsung 72′ 3D HDTV with surround sound system. Make sure to cancel all of your plans for the next couple of days, including school. Confirm that your parents will be working until the next morning as usual and say you will be staying the night at a friend’s house on Monday and going to school from there.

The day of:

1. On Monday night, your parents are at work, go ahead and go over to your your friends house.

2. Go down to the store and grab about 6 4-packs of monsters and an abundant amount of snacks and junk food, then swing by pizza hut and pick up about 5 pizzas.

3.  Go down to gamestop and wait in line for about 5 hours until Battlefield 4 is released

4. Go back home and set up all your snacks and get ready to play the game

5. Play the game for the next 24 hours until Wednesday at 5 a.m.

6. Go to school and when your about ready to take your test, fall sleep for the whole period and fail the test



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