Mars invaded by man

I am actually in the middle of whether or not america should send a man to Mars. America should send a man to mars to see if it is habitabul. If mars is habitabul then we can make use of more resources that the earth has less of. This would be a major step in space exploration and help us find out the secrets of the universe. Dr. Robert Zubrin makes a compelling argument to why we should be on mars but Barney frank thinks that it would be a bad idea. Sending a man to mars is the easy part but coming up with the money to fund it will be hard part. It cost 100 billion plus dollars to to get started with this one project but in reality if this was to fail we would be hurt financially. The government is already 17 trillion dollars in the hole as of today and with the added 100 billion, they would be more in the hole. What they should really do is postpone any plans for sending a man to mars for about twenty years and use the 100 billion dollars to help our economy recovery from its deficit.




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